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Looking to develop modern apps that stand apart? Explore the true potential of your idea with the benefits of controlled architecture and features that make your website faster and seamless. Think this could take your website to the next level?

Advantages of using Laravel

Laravel is a very powerful PHP framework that promises quick development due to its many built-in features. Developers can write code and handle dynamic development needs for anything from small websites to large-scale enterprise applications by using Laravel.

Security of web resources

The most significant security issues, including cross-site scripting, query spoofing, and SQL injection, can be resolved by developers using Laravel. As a safe framework, Laravel safeguards programmers' ability to write code and aids in resolving technical and security flaws before deployment.

High performance under heavy server loads

Laravel websites handle requests much more quickly than most other frameworks. Because Laravel uses a distinct message queuing system, you can put off finishing up tasks related to your website, like sending emails, until later. When you have time-consuming tasks under control, the other tasks on your site can be completed more quickly. Additionally, by doing this, you can eventually lower your hosting costs while also maintaining the server's uptime for the website.


Laravel can be used to build a complete e-commerce website or a straightforward, expert B2B website. It can build and maintain a wide range of sophisticated features for your website thanks to its extensive pre-installed libraries, enabling you to implement almost any concept or feature without spending a ton of money.

Managing errors and exceptions

Laravel includes an error and exception handling module as well as the integrated logging library Monolog. This library makes error management even easier by supporting a variety of error and exception log handlers. This means that you can quickly and effectively correct any errors so that you can get back to work. Your client will receive error messages that are built right into the forms that it prints.

Automated testing

Automated testing is used to evaluate an application's performance level, demonstrating how smoothly and error-free the solution runs. Using the built-in testing tools in Laravel and the PHPUnit testing support provided by phpunit.xml, developers can quickly test basic user behavior and conduct results analysis without expending a lot of time or effort.

Our Laravel Development Process

Our Laravel development process is laid out to explore ideation and execution for a modern application that reflects what your business stands for. We follow a thorough process after understanding your brand's requirements.

Strategizing and Ideation

We begin with prompt strategizing and ideation to understand the innovative features your brand is looking to integrate and could benefit from under Laravel development. Our experts survey your existing business requirements to come up with the best strategy.

Introducing Modern App Elements

Anviam's Laravel services pays close attention to detail in its development process. We consider fine modern app elements that could improve efficiency, speed, functionality, and other elements for your web app.

Robust Code Base

In the next stage of Laravel app development, we proceed to create a robust code base that can be easily updated and used in the future for scaling and further building upon. Our developers adhere to best practices to ensure the code base is maintained well.

Support and Maintenance

Our process includes understanding your long term support and maintenance requirements as part of the development project. We plan prompt maintenance for the solutions we render and see them through to the end.

Flexible Updates

With the best developers on board, you can rely on flexible solutions and the possibility of isolated updates as and when required without having to re-consider every module. With Anviam, you can bank on truly modern solutions that take your business upwards.

Our Portfolio

Anviam's Laravel development portfolio has ventured across industry-specific projects to bring modern elements in functional web apps. Browse through to explore!

Medical Health Website

All of functions of your website will be guaranteed on almost devices: desktops, laptops, ipads, iphones, android.... and give visitors beautiful interfaces.


Veterinary Website

All of functions of your website will be guaranteed on almost devices...



Have questions on approaching website development for your brand? Here are some insights that might answer your questions. Don't see your queries here? Chat with us or write to us at anviam.com and we'll get back to you!

Yes. In fact, Laravel is a pretty fast framework that comes with a range of new age functions and features. If you're to see through a project under a tight deadline yet ensure it is seamless, Lavarvel can be the best pick for your web app.

Banking on the MVC architecture makes testing and other peripheral processes simpler alongside development. Some other benefits include great support for SEO-friendly web apps and easy iterative rendering and testing for web pages.

Laravel development can cost anything between $500 to $1000, with additional costs depending on what you're looking for in your project. The size and complexity of the project can change the range considerably. Get in touch to get a quote for your specific project requirements.

Laravel web development provides a good ecosystem of integrations and packages that make it easy to bring in distinct features for your project. These make using third-party APIs and other readily available features much easier.

Especially with the Laravel framework in use, our security and testing provisions are prioritized greatly. With us, you hire Laravel developers that ensure interactive testing and fool-proof security mechanisms in all their solutions. Laravel takes iterative testing one notch up making it even more robust for your project.