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New Technology Trends on the Rise in 2022

Technology trends not only evolve constantly but also preface new digital habits and market demands for the months to come. While 2022 has seen a spurt of a variety of such technological trends, there are some that can be interesting to keep a tab on for the near future.  While top tech companies are in […]

Artificial Intelligence Evolution in IT

While the pandemic has had its impacts on the startup scenario in the last two years, 2023 has a lot in store in terms of what a new venture can accomplish. With evolving market trends and growing demands for automation and smart applications, especially in these two years, AI-based startup ideas seem to be promising […]

Trends in Restaurant App Development

While the app revolution is a relatively new phenomenon in tech, its applications in the restaurant industry are even more recent. Over the last few years, restaurants have leveraged food apps to boost their businesses and make what they offer convenience for consumers to access.  The 2020 pandemic was a time that saw a special […]

Growing with E-Commerce

E-Commerce is by its basic definition, the method using buying and selling Goods and/or Services Online. This generally involves 2 parties, the selling end, and the buying end. The Buyer looks for something and then goes to set out an order that is then adhered to via the seller. This process, as simple as it […]

How to integrate QR-Barcode library in android project.

Introduction From the last few years, we noticed that the QA/BR Code has become universal for advertisement, product information, and marketing. Simply we can say QR code is an image-like data matrix. The message/text given by QR code after scanning could be a website link or production contact information. Below example that contains URL of […]

How To Install PostgreSQL on Docker

About Docker Docker is a open source solution that is based container management service. The main purpose of docker is to increase the productivity of developers and dev-ops with less error pron. Docker provides a robust client server app architecture with a strong server, REST API and command line interface client. We can follow the […]

Google Ads On Website

If you are a Developer and you are working in ROR technology, then in some projects client ask to show google ads on website. In ruby on rails implement google ads on website is very easy. There are some steps to implement google ads. The following steps are necessary to implement google ads.1- First of […]

How to Save a File in Amazon S3 Bucket

To Store a file in an Amazon S3 Bucket you should have an AWS account. After login to the AWS account, need to get four things from there. 1. bucket name 2. region 3. amazon secret key 4. amazon access key Add this dependancy in your pom file: <!– –> <dependency> <groupId>com.amazonaws</groupId> <artifactId>aws-java-sdk-s3</artifactId> <version>1.11.708</version> […]


kotlin World

Ever since when I first started to learn Java, never did I realize that something so similar could be made. I started with Core, and Advanced and began my journey. Java is one of the oldest and easiest languages. It has been at the top for more than two decades and it is still a […]