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Technology trends not only evolve constantly but also preface new digital habits and market demands for the months to come. While 2022 has seen a spurt of a variety of such technological trends, there are some that can be interesting to keep a tab on for the near future. 

While top tech companies are in the constant tussle to invest in technology that can revolutionize digital use for their consumers, the benefits of the same are now being recognized by these businesses for their own strategic business use. 

Top 3 Tech Trends you can’t miss out on in 2022

Amidst the wide range of tech trends on the rise, here are some that are really gaining traction in 2022. Read along to get familiarized with what these bring to the table:

1. 3D Printing

3D Printing is one technology that has evolved from its use for simple prototypes to precise and actual usable products on the rise. The 3D printing market is starting to grow with an estimated $55.8 B in-store by 2027.

3D printing in tandem with CAD design offers a new pathway for manufacturing businesses as seen in the health sector during the pandemic. With intelligent modeling and machine learning in the gambit, more complex shapes and personalizations can be achieved for diverse industries.

With DDM (Direct Digital Manufacturing), additive manufacturing is increasingly used for rapid prototyping. The difference here is that 3D print tech like DDM has now reached a stage where these parts are not for mere prototyping but can actually be used as end parts by consumers.

Brands like Ford and HP are already on the bandwagon, using 3D printing to generate new auto parts accurately and effectively. This means that the complexity of the parts no longer adds to the cost and time of printing them!

2. Generative AI

Generative AI uses data and mapping to create art. While there are heated debates and different schools of thought in the artist community about this, this is one technology that is surely on the rise to churn out creative content that is technically original. Here, existing images, texts, audio, or other forms of content are used to recognize patterns and create similar content that is realistic.

Two neural networks are used in tandem, the generator, and the discriminator to differentiate between the new content created. Generative AI has wide-ranging applications from creating new photographs, handwritten text, art, photographic age prediction, data science, engineering, and other creative uses. While the ethical aspect of using generative AI for creating art is still in question, what this tech can produce with data at its disposal is something to look out for!

3. Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is yet another trend on the rise with elements of the quantum theory being used to process information or solve queries too complex for traditional computers. How exactly does this work? Quantum computers store data and perform computations differently.

While for a classical computer information is processed in 0s and 1s, a quantum computer uses a “qubit” or a quantum bit as its fundamental unit of storage. Not going into too much detail, these can essentially represent different entities at the same time, thus, making querying and processing much faster! What exactly would this mean? Extremely minimized errors, smaller run time, speedy authentication and configuration, controlled processing for process automation, and in general, improved and optimized bulky processing.

One could expect that pretty soon quantum computers would take over and completely transform computations across industries from bulk data management, business logistics, accounting, innovations with data and AI, and much more.

Final Words

Thus, trending technology is ever-evolving, opening doors for new ways of using tech in everyday life or enhancing ways in which we already use them. While some of these have already entered the consumer market even if in basic ways, others are still being explored. With these technologies creating their space in the market, a natural boost in the tech market is also bound to follow the popular use of new technologies on the rise. 

Which one of these top tech trends do you think seems the most promising or exciting? Do you think your business could benefit from one of these? At Anviam, we can help you explore a robust tech stack and much more for your business. Curious about what to expect? Get in touch with us to explore more.

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