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Everything You Need to Know About the Payment Gateway Integration: BlueSnap, Stripe, FastSpring
Everything You Need to Know About the Payment Gateway Integration: BlueSnap, Stripe, FastSpring

In fact, today’s customers want a fast, convenient and seamless shopping experience. Online shopping is evolving and customer expectations are rising. And if you’re going through a list of things that can have a big impact on that, you’ve come to the right place.

Every business that sells online wants to offer the fastest, most secure, and most user-friendly service. It must effectively meet the needs of both customers and businesses, ensure strong protection against fraud, offer a variety of payment options, integrate seamlessly with third-party platforms, and contribute to a positive customer experience. 

This article explains how to choose the right payment gateway, and types, and how to effectively integrate payment gateways into your website, e-commerce platform, or app.

What is Payment Gateway


Payment gateways are an integral part of the online buying and selling process. By allowing funds to be transferred from a customer’s account to a seller’s account in seconds, it makes it easier for customers to purchase goods and services. 

The gateway serves as a platform to make it easier for customers and retailers to conduct transactions. Payment gateways are responsible for delivering and receiving payment data as well as making sure that all transactions are safe. As a result, we utilize security protocols to transfer data and encrypt transaction data. Securely share transaction data using security protocols and encryption. It connects the webshop to the retailer’s bank, allowing customers to quickly pay for their online purchases.

How Does Payment Gateway Work


How it Works

  1. The customer confirms the order and enters transaction data. Encrypted data reaches merchant app servers over a secure connection.
  2. The application sends payment gateway transaction data. The data is read by the gateway, which then verifies it with the issuing bank. The buyer’s bank account balance or the credit limit is not exceeded by the completed transaction.
  3. The encrypted card information is then transmitted to the card’s network, such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, for data verification.
  4. The data is sent to the issuing bank, which links to the acquiring bank to move money, as soon as the card network approves the transaction. This transfers funds from the issuing bank of the buyer to the acquiring bank of the seller.
  5. Within the same participant chain, the issuing bank returns the confirmation after the transfer is finished.

Payment Gateway Process Flow

  • At checkout, the merchant website sends encrypted payment details to the payment gateway.
  • The payment gateway requests authorization from the customer’s bank.
  • If payment was authorized, the customer’s bank pays the merchant

Why the Buzz?

Recurring payments are central to advanced subscription offerings. These are automated payments for memberships and subscriptions to particular items that are triggered by pre-established schedules. The need to store a customer’s credit card and bank account details on the seller’s side and process them on a regular basis poses a problem for the buyer. They want the process to be safe, convenient, and hassle-free.

The influence of consumer demand is significant. Alternative payment methods are being used by retailers who wish to provide a customer-centric experience that is centered on flexibility, choice, convenience, and speed. This allows people to pay in a way that suits their needs and lifestyle and reduces security concerns.

How We Keep You Calm

If you’re aiming at creating a reliable and solid custom payment gateway solution, the Anviam development team is ready to assist you with that. Having more than 7 years of experience in custom software development, Anviam Solutions offers a team of professionals skilled at simple payment gateway creation and integration. Our Team has integrated Fastspring, Stripe, and Bluesnap payment gateway to its clients around the world.


A payment platform called BlueSnap assists businesses all around the world in processing payments. If you see a charge marked BLUESNAP or BLS on your statement, it means the transaction was processed by Bluesnap.

BlueSnap’s all-in-one payment platform makes it easy for businesses to accept online and mobile payments worldwide. BlueSnap Payment Gateway integrations can accept payments for e-commerce transactions, subscription billing models, and any other online payment your business needs.


Stripe is an API suite that powers online payment processing and commerce solutions for internet businesses of all sizes. Stripe’s products enable payments for online and face-to-face retailers, subscription businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between.


FastSpring is an e-commerce system that assists companies in streamlining operations related to data protection, tax collecting, subscription management, payment processing, and more.

FastSpring is a trusted, full-service, global SaaS e-commerce partner for software companies.


Final Words

No matter what kind of application you have—web, mobile, or both—our experts can assist you in integrating the best payment gateway and creating unique solutions centered on your company’s objectives. Hire a developer and get all Development Services at Anviam Solutions Pvt Ltd please feel free to contact us with any inquiries and entrust the integration of your payment gateway to us.


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