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What Is HIPPA Compliance?

If you work in healthcare, you understand the significance of these five letters. HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, mandates all firms that handle patient information to maintain it safe and confidential. With our lives increasingly moving online, having a HIPAA-compliant website is more crucial than ever.

Here’s Everything you Need to Know

Basics of Making A HIPPA Compliant Website

Understanding what compliance truly entails is the first step in creating a HIPAA-compliant website. Anyone who comes into touch with Protected Health Information (PHI), which includes anything from medical records to patient home addresses, must keep that information secure and follow the guidelines for its use and dissemination. These regulations apply to anybody who comes into touch with patient information, including healthcare practitioners, administrative personnel, bill collectors, and even maintenance crews. Essentially everyone comes in contact with a patient, from doctors to cleaning staff.


Compliance necessitates the implementation of processes to safeguard sensitive information and maintain it secret. For websites, this generally has to do with the security of information stored online and the processes and procedures used to access it, both from the patient’s perspective and for use by health care professionals.

A HIPAA-compliant website secures all aspects of data entry, including passwords and online hosting, for the benefit of all parties concerned with a patient’s care. HIPAA compliance requirements apply to you and your website if you are gathering, storing, or sending any/ protected health information.

HIPAA Checklist Steps

  1. Make a checklist for your website’s HIPAA compliance.
  2. Investigate the Healthcare Industry’s Requirements
  3. Determine if HIPAA Is Necessary
  4. Learn the Fundamentals of HIPAA Websites
  5. encrypt patient intake forms that comply with HIPAA.
  6. Use HIPAA Compliant Contact Forms
  7. Protect HIPAA Compliant Web Servers
  8. Install a Robust SSL Certificate
  9. Choosing Your HIPAA-Compliant Solution
  10. Finding a Hosting Provider
  11. Secure Data Backup

HIPAA Integration Experts

At Clarity, we are constantly developing and improving as HIPAA eCommerce evolves. We are the top most leading Software Development Company specializing in secure customizations for HIPAA-compliant, so our development team has a bit of an edge. When you provide healthcare services, you encounter particular hurdles, but we have the knowledge to help you overcome those challenges and design and manage a compliant website.


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