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威而鋼的效果可能因個體差異而有所不同。大樹藥局威而鋼。 預防藥:用於預防特定疾病,如疫苗或抗瘧疾藥物。

How to integrate QR-Barcode library in android project.

Introduction From the last few years, we noticed that the QA/BR Code has become universal for advertisement, product information, and marketing. Simply we can say QR code is an image-like data matrix. The message/text given by QR code after scanning could be a website link or production contact information. Below example that contains URL of […]

How To Install PostgreSQL on Docker

About Docker Docker is a open source solution that is based container management service. The main purpose of docker is to increase the productivity of developers and dev-ops with less error pron. Docker provides a robust client server app architecture with a strong server, REST API and command line interface client. We can follow the […]

Google Ads On Website

If you are a Developer and you are working in ROR technology, then in some projects client ask to show google ads on website. In ruby on rails implement google ads on website is very easy. There are some steps to implement google ads. The following steps are necessary to implement google ads.1- First of […]

Is working in an it-firm stressful?


Working in any firm has its own pro points. Any employee can tilt their head in a direction to make sure that they are appreciated and try to get the benefits from the Company. This question, “IS WORKING IN AN IT-FIRM STRESSFUL?” is quite a common one. Young minds on the verge of joining the […]

Quality analyst not make software they only make them better

A testing engineer want to be able to find, problems and future bugs those edge test cases where nobody else dares to enter in this room. Over the many years, software testing has evolved. It has invent from some extra ordinary software testers to quality engineers and manual testing has evolved for sure over approximately […]

Git Terminology

If you are a developer then you must heared the name of “Git”. Here I am going to talk about git and its related terms. So, What is Git ?Git is a free and open source distributed version control system. It is created by Linus torvalds, the same person who created Linux kernel in 2005. […]

Setup Swap Memory on Linux

Swap memory is a virtual memory. When we have low server configuration and our system is running out of memory then to reduce cost and increase performance we need swap memory. By default swap is not set-up on any AWS or other server. So to setup swap below commands must be consider. 1. Use command […]

Why you should think to put Flutter in your Arsenal

As an Android developer, I am interested in making apps happy to know my work is reached to a lot of people, but sometimes a concern pops up in my mind, that I am making apps to only a half of the population as other half is using iOS as their mobile OS. So what […]

Date formatter in swift

A Date formatter that converts between dates and their textual representations. Date() –          var currentTime: Date = Date()         Date class always provides us UTC Time.          Default format of date object – 2020-07-13 15:09:57 +0000. This date is UTC(Universal Time Coordinated) Prior to 1972, this time was called Greenwich […]