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威而鋼的效果可能因個體差異而有所不同。大樹藥局威而鋼。 預防藥:用於預防特定疾病,如疫苗或抗瘧疾藥物。

Working in any firm has its own pro points. Any employee can tilt their head in a direction to make sure that they are appreciated and try to get the benefits from the Company. This question, “IS WORKING IN AN IT-FIRM STRESSFUL?” is quite a common one. Young minds on the verge of joining the corporate world may have this as one of their serious concerns.

Even injuries could seem not that important when the workload is on the head. This being the case in all corporate sectors, even small tasks such as following up could seem tedious, and sometimes be stressful. In the IT sector, there still is much more mental relief as compared to others.

Stress Ball – Squeezed

“Stress is just a state of mind!
Though always recursive”


Stressing over Work

Stress can manifest in any individual in a variety of ways, and they are what define its origins. Stress can be emotional(caused due to emotional concerns), physical(caused due to physical concerns), mental(caused due to exhaustion & overthinking), and sometimes stress is just a bi-product of underlying disorders.



Stress could be related to work, or personal life that is then reflected in one’s work. To be able to discard or be free of stress, you must be aware of its originating causes.

Stressing anywhere is harmful to you and your health.
This must be recognized and rectified as soon as confirmed.

But, how does one confirm if they are stressed or just tired?

Personally, when stressed, I start to get severe headaches and a boiling feeling in my head. Even when ideally, everything stays at Room Temperatures, I feel intense heat gathered above my ears.

If I am just tired, I could easily walk it off. Sometimes, a little off-screen time is good to get your juices flowing. Being able to manage your workload, and be actively willing to relieve stress is what will help.

Sometimes, no matter where you are or how must Stress you feel, you get to a point where you can drop all of your loads. This is where you become stress-free. Finding that activity or that group of people with whom you would feel content. Such activities could be hobbies, or spending time talking to a loved one. This could even be going out for a short walk or a Tea-Break with your group of colleagues.

What matters is that at this point, your stress will not seem too important and your focus would be shifted to a better/alternative way. At Anviam, we make sure that even when all are occupied, they get their personal space to clear their head and think.
We organize group activities, and even make sure that there is an active engagement of everyone. There is something for everyone to enjoy & harbour.

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