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What counts the most in any Industry, more than individual knowledge is individual experience. Though these two factors could be in some way related to each other, they certainly are not proportional. My perspective suggests that experience will give you advantage over a hierarchy of individuals, but, you’d have to be willing to take the responsibility.


Experience > Skill ?


My Individual experience started as someone who was interested, and keen to know more about the working culture. I belong to a place where authority is given to those who bring home the value from their work, and I have always been quite good at standing up to expectations. So, I guess, gaining experience came naturally to me for the things I actually liked.

The first year of my working as a software engineer, I always felt free. I had no worries, no stress, and it felt like everything came naturally to me. So, when I say, “I’ve lived like a Genius”, I mean it. I was given assignments, and tasks; I completed them, and went home to my family and friends and did not have a second thought about the code I wrote. It was mostly because I did not realize at that time that I was being taken care of by my seniors, and all my mistakes were collectively handled as a group and not dropped on me to be blamed for.

Soon, I was assigned tasks to create individual REST APIs, which was initially simple, but had a learning curve. I started to stumble, and struggle and there is when I would stay I was pushed out of my nest and let alone to learn how to fly, or fall till I learn how to.

I Could only Achieve so much Alone!

Right after that, all experience I gained was Raw. Things were getting clear to me and soon making APIs and even handing individual projects was my forte.

My Raw Start

I felt like I was let out in the field to play, and there was a survival course ahead.

I had all under control, at-least I felt that I did. Shortly after, I realized that I was still not getting work done. Deadlines were breached and I had to do something. I was getting pointed at for failed deliveries, and I had no excuse.

I actually was working with my finest knowledge. It was just I was given too much to deliver too soon. I had to learn how to manage myself and my tasks.

This is when I started to know what stress felt like.

Learning Management – Asking for Help!

Team work
Asking for Help

It has been three years now, and I am a working individual with experience to handle large projects. I’ve gained experience and an attitude to stay with my team to achieve what is needed.

Starting anything is easy when you compare it to being persistent and consistently aim to be better. That is the experience I’ve gained so far, and I am aiming to be an asset to my community and as a whole.

I was not very good at asking for help. Things usually came naturally to me. This time I had to make some efforts to go get that extra mile. That is when I realized, I had people in my team who were ready to help me out with such problems. I had overlooked so much, and I was planning to get my trains back on their tracks.

This is when I was guided to work on basis of priority and not order. As I was assigned tasks, I distributed them with my seniors, to get deadlines. Of-course, there are many more factors like the involvement of the operations and the clients, but I has the support of my team to get through.

Team Discussion
Learning and Helping

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