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A testing engineer want to be able to find, problems and future bugs those edge test cases where nobody else dares to enter in this room. Over the many years, software testing has evolved. It has invent from some extra ordinary software testers to quality engineers and manual testing has evolved for sure over approximately 25 years into something that is more sapient.
Manual testing is forever because everything does not need to be automation. If we want to complete the order according to client demands, then definitely you have to be highly skilled individuals with development and testing skills because I firmly believe that a good developer may not become a great tester. If I am talking with someone who’s interested in QA then some interesting questions are automatically entering in my mind. Are you analytical? Do you like bugs? Can you see typo errors better than anyone else? If I am giving you any challenge then you are ready for that or taking any time? These are some of the questions when I talk to some potential candidates. While having a Good resume with expert skills, education, and Automation certifications are truly impressive, they will not able to answer these questions.
In this article, I wanted to share one more thing with you about how we run our work, communication, and other things COVID time. This pandemic situation has truly changed remote working. And even those days there were numerous articles and quotes on the topic over the past few months but now that the work is finally done but we have the time to share our own experience with you. If you are used to office tea and coffee enjoying it while having friendly gossips with your colleagues at work, then being changed to work from home out of a sudden and without any prepared mind can be a truly stressful undertaking. That’s why the first thing we did was making sure our all colleagues are well-aware of the changes which are coming and those that can think, code, and solve all problems are the quality engineers who will have long and good careers in this field with high skills.

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