Information Technology, when thought out seems vast. If I think about the time since I’ve started, it seems like not a day ago when I started using the mouse and tried to get a hang of the Microsoft Paint tool in my Home Desktop PC. All that it was and still is could not have been anything better. I am sure, like me, many others also started the same way. Now, the question is when would I consider what I was doing, as an integral part of how it is helping me today.

Just the thought of this sometimes gives me butterflies. Moving from there was a tad bit more complex tools and interactions became wide. Building and exploring, from the corners of dungeon gaming to writing scripts in the command prompt.

When I say, stating off in IT, I don’t mean the field, but the bureaucratic workplace where all that is done needs to be accounted for, be it a missed call from a client to delivery of a bugs list from the client to the quality team. It surely feels like an officer with a gun, but for every bullet fired, a formal document has to be shown for the same.
I am sure IT is not hereditary, nor it is pure talent. It is working for what you felt in you that seemed impressive and then turning it to a passion. Sometimes, you’d find yourself letting go of your surroundings and just be in a zone. Other times you’ll find yourself looking for a distraction just cause it feels like an addiction and the solution is not on the tip of your fingers.

Never out of Focus

Like any field, you start off with, be it a startup or an ongoing business, or even as an employee, all that will matter is your passion and consistency. All you can do is give more than your capacity, and if you feel satisfied emotionally, and monetarily, you are going well. It will never be too late to start off and be consistent for once. Nothing is certain and all you can do is hit and try, live it, or quit it, till you find that fulfillment.