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It has been a common misconception that IT is a straightforward way to solve problems. Yes, IT seems much more considerate as compared to many other industries, but on the contrary, it would not be fair to compare business models of Construction with Information Technology. One could argue that IT is redundant and since a lot of technologies are already made, they could be reused rather than going in for the same purpose in a similar outlook.

Just as there is a generation gap in humans, we could say the technology could also be perceived as ever-changing and upgrading. The redundant ideas often act as the main branch for growth. Many organizations are considered as custom solution providers that understand this concept. It is made clear by such companies that IT is an ever-growing playfield full of space for innovation and Ideas. They try to make the visions of various clients true and fill in the gap between the present and the future aspects. It is by doing so, many developers are forced to think outside the box, many teams are pushed to the limits and new problems are found. 

With that more people then get in the sanction to brainstorm and submit an appropriate solution. This solution may have many factors that may affect the problem in a variety of ways. These would be some custom-made solutions that could be inspired or an upgrade of already existing solutions.

One of the most common practices to come up with solutions is to brainstorm, plan, organize and execute. This is mostly ensured to keep the flow of a certain solution in the correct format. These steps may not be recognized, but in anyone’s day-to-day life as well, this is a general way to approach any problem. Here is an interesting example, let’s say you have a problem carrying a bunch of Grocery bags, but you do not wish to make multiple trips from your car to your front door. This could be resolved, but to do that, you initially acknowledge the problem at hand, and come up with a solution, or should I say a custom solution. The thought process remains the same. 

  • You must think – Brainstorm, and 
  • Then come up with a viable plan – Plan, 
  • Set up your solution to begin execution – Organize, and 
  • Move with the solution to go – Execute.
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As absurd may it seem, but your thought process will be the same and an involuntary practice. So is what the various companies follow, to find the solution to a problem, and thereby come up with a customized solution. This may be a unique one, perhaps a plagiarized or paraphrased solution. These organizations may be addressed as custom solution provider companies. They are usually affordable for the type of work that needs to be done. 

It had been sure that no matter what the problem would be, solutions could be found. But, at the same time, things may not be as easily approached. The problems in ongoing tasks are sometimes more complex than what they would be estimated to be. The complexity of any problem could only be estimated by someone who has either worked on the task from its very beginning or by someone with an exceptional amount of experience in the field. Some solutions could therefore be absolute and defined. But some could be relative and dynamic as per what the needs of the result must be.

The problems may vary from on-hand day-to-day issues or custom tasks that come after the delivery of certain digital products. These may include scraping data, building patterns, following a webhook, or even complex tasks as making a custom handle for testing and automation. The variety of solutions and their respective problems may vary, which is why problem-solving in IT is quite inclusive and yet full of new pathways to explore. 

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