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When you are on your learning period then it’s important to make sure that you are also understanding what you learn and doing practicing on multiple applications and systems is a good way to test your skills and efficacy on that environments. These will give you an idea of what you all run up against in the real world.
Most of the time you hear the term “BUG”. Tester says their program has a bug. A developer says that they have to handle these kind of all small bug. A project manager says bugs are delaying the project finish line. So what is this bug that everyone is always talking about?

Bugs In a Software

The term bug has been used to describe in engineering since the late 1800s, far before software was even a small concept. Day by day technology improved and the terms stuck and defects or errors that increasing in programming to mentioned as name bugs in the software system.
In the year 2016, it was estimated that software bugs had cost the USA economy almost $1 trillion. Bugs can be very harm full to software systems and increasing the crashes. Given the rise of software development, are not effecting that the cost of bugs increases.

Debug a Software Bug

Debugging is a term that is used to define search and fixing a software bug. Most of the people’s are commonly used many debugging tools to find the bugs and fix them. But some processes are very cheap and some are very expensive. Thus, the software system continues to generate and build steps into development method that are focused on to help reduce the number of all type of software bugs and catch any quick before they cause too much harm and damage in that software system. Once the bugs are resolved and kickoff to the system race then it is important to systematically eliminate them.

Testing a Software Bug
In these days many types of testing that people conduct to ensure the quality of code. They ultimately fall into multiple buckets but these three are most of the important: functional, non-functional, and maintenance. Each bucket of testing having a strong purpose and helps reduce the total overall cost of development.
QA use these different testing methods, as well as study the code and implementation tools to help yourself systematically to find the software bug easily and then begin your debugging to remove that bug. Again, it takes time, but it helps a lot time is worth it.

Bugs Are Very Common thing in software development.
Bugs are walking with software. We all know programing are not an easy task and its very difficulty when tester enter in the system. Because QA will check the all foot steps of software and create a huge bug list for developer. So if your developer tells you that a bug came up and it is delaying the development, take a breath and understand that this comes with the process which developer created.
When you enter the world of software development then you are trying to do the everything and when you wil do anything then definitely bugs that will come up. This means allowing room in your budget and putting a system in place for briefly checking, testing, finding, searching and addressing bugs.

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