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We provide digital solutions using cutting-edge technology
that align with your company objectives.

Laravel/PHP Development

Laravel and PHP are powerful development technologies used to create custom web applications with a robust backend. They offer a wide range of features, including scalability, security, and flexibility. Our team of experts leverages these technologies to create high-quality, customized solutions for our clients.

Java Development

Java is a widely used development technology that is renowned for its security, scalability, and cross-platform capabilities. Our team of experts utilizes Java to develop high-performance, custom applications that meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

NodeJs Development

Node.js is a lightweight, scalable and cross-platform way to execute code. It helps to build real-time apps lightning fast.

Angular Development

Angular is a popular front-end development framework that allows for the creation of dynamic, interactive web applications. This technology is used to create high-quality, responsive web applications that provide an exceptional user experience.

ROR Development

ROR (Ruby on Rails) technology is a popular development framework used to create robust, scalable web applications. Its ease of use and efficiency make it a preferred choice for building complex applications. Our ROR development team utilizes this technology to deliver high-quality, customized solutions for our clients.

Wordpress Development

WordPress Development tops the list of site building packages in the world. The platform is free to download and use.
Our Portfolio

We are the leading Web Application Development company
offering Custom Web Application Development.

Medical Health Website
All of functions of your website will be guaranteed on almost devices: desktops, laptops, ipads, iphones, android.... and give visitors beautiful interfaces.
Veterinary Website
All of functions of your website will be guaranteed on almost devices...

Core Tech Services

Our comprehensive range of technical services cover all grounds to deliver your project with premium functionality.

Software Development


We head our software development with prompt planning and prioritized functionality backed by the best technological frameworks. We start out with scratching the surface to explore what you're looking for and proceed to develop a software plan that can benefit you in the long run.

Ideation for software development with Anviam includes assessing your current system, encapsulating your idea and vision as well as considering your requirements to scale up in the future.

Testing & QA


We prioritize testing and upkeeping the quality of products we render. Our customized solutions for your business also need custom testing and quality control. We carry out layers of testing at different stages of development based on industry-standard best practices and premium strategies selected for your specific project.

Our testing and QA methodology are laid out to ensure the best solutions can be extended to your customers and the end users experience can be enhanced. We ensure prompt unit tests, integrated tests and end-to-end tests follow each developmental iteration.

Application Services


At Anviam, our application services span across platforms and devices to ensure we help you get the best app solutions for your use. Our custom solutions begin on the ideation table. We start from scratch to explore your custom web development requirements and render solutions that fit your vision and support your technical requirements.

Ours is a brand that believes in creating apps that the user can't get enough of! Explore mobile and web app development with us to incorporate aspects crucial to your functional requirements while also enhancing the user experience greatly.

UX/UI Design


We keep our customers first and we understand you want to too! Anviam helps users navigate through apps with seamless interfaces and interactive designs that keep users hooked. We also help you pick out themes and designs that are best suited for your business and brand.

Boost your sales, streamline your processes and elevate user-experience with Anviam's premium approach to UX/UI rendering. We ensure our solutions look and feel as well as they function!

IT Consulting


Our consultancy solutions for your brand are designed to help you build your brand digitally from the ground up. Depending on your business model and expansion ideas, we recommend the best tech solutions for you.

We cater to all crucial aspects of IT consulting including ideation, product design, database management, intelligent solutions, prompt analytics, digital marketing, cloud computing, custom campaigns for your brand and much more.

Data Analytic


Analyzing data is as important as running your business operations. We assist with robust data analytics to help you position your business strategies in line with profitable trends and metrics from the behavioral data.

Anviam helps automate data integration, management and analytics to allow real-time updates with your business data, create engaging and insightful visualizations and employ data insights for business benefits.

Cloud Services


We extend custom cloud services that are flexible to your demands and dynamically growing requirements. Bank on us for secure cloud computing solutions with added benefits of data integration, database management, automated solutions and analytics.

Our range of on demand services are specifically curated to fit the demands of your organization as a brand. We render additional consultancy to help you understand the cloud services you'd most benefit from under Anviam.

Digital Marketing Services


Our digital marketing services are well-rounded with SEO, email marketing, SMO and the overall development of your brand's digital presence. We specialize in understanding industry specific aspects to pivot your online strategy and boost your business.

At Anviam, our digital marketing efforts do not end at optimization. Our approach extends to a wider understanding of brand development and helping yours develop its own strategy to perform the best in the digital domain.

NFT Development Services


Non-fungible tokens are increasingly being used by businesses and individuals as digital assets. NFTs have far wider applications than are tapped by brands and businesses looking to profit from them.

Anviam delves into NFT token development, website development, platform development for NFTs and other gamification aspects that can be integrated with your existing business.

DevOps Services


Our promptly managed DevOps services include the integration of adept toolchains, enhanced processes, built-in automation, platform configuration and a variety of other microservices targeted to increase your company's app delivery efficiency.

Anviam banks on the latest tools and methodology for the development of end-to-end services with security, automation, cloud accessibility and easy testing management at the center of the framework we use for DevOps.

Blockchain Services


Our blockchain services are centered at security digitized transactions through shared and distributed ledger technology. Our BaaS services include easy development, maintenance and integration of APIs to enhance your blockchain-based applications.

Anviam suggests the best blockchain technology use for your brand's applications to add layers of security, scalability and centralized use to increase transparency and accessibility in organizational applications for your business.

Fuel Industry Delivery
Human Resource
Management Software
  • Salary Management
  • Team Leaders (List, Add New)
  • Departments (List and Grid view)
  • Employee (All, Employee Details, Leave Request)
  • Attendance Management
  • Document Center
  • Accounts (Invoices, Payments, Expenses)
  • Report (Expenses, Invoices, Details)
Hospital Management

Hospital management software for the healthcare sector is called Anviam HMS - eMS. Startups, SMEs, agencies, and large businesses may all utilize this hospital management system software. It provides main features like

  • Inventory Management
  • Doctor Schedule & Appointments
  • In-patient Management System
Drive-thru anywhere.

SWIPEBY is your customer arrival platform.

SWIPEBY is a turnkey platform offering convenient online ordering, pick-up, delivery and customizable geofenced arrival notifications so that your customers and staff have an excellent experience.

  • Compete with the drive-thru next door.
  • Communicate with customers on their way to you and at arrival.
  • Take orders via multiple channels.
Clone Uber Taxi.

Get A Taxi In MinutesBOOK YOUR TRIP!

FLEX provide our clients with on time professional ground taxi transportation to and from the Tri-Valley. In addition we offer the right type of vehicle for special events, a night on the town, door to door taxi service as well as an hourly rate for people who want to travel through the Bay area.

  • Taxi Service
  • Airport Transportation
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Flexible billing and payment options
  • Rate and provide feedback to drivers
Accounting and
Invoicing Software
  • Informative dashboard
  • Invoice, Voucher, Bill
  • Income vs Expense
  • Customer, Vendor & Supplier
  • Message & Email
  • Accounts & Trial Balance


Our solutions cater to a wide range of industries. Anviam emerges as your trusted tech partner to elevate your experience and deliver solutions to enhance industry-specific productivity.


Explore healthcare apps, efficient patient databases, AI-aided prescriptions for patients and other cutting-edge features for your healthcare brand.


Streamline accounting databases, simplify complex bookkeeping and integrate secure payment gateways to elevate your customer's banking experience.


Boost sales with effective inventory management, product tracking, improved operational process and well-managed manufacturing process.

Information Technologies

At Anviam, top-of-the-line IT solutions are rendered for your brand with personalized considerations for the best functionality, environment and use-case you desire.

Oil and Gas

Design a completely digitized management interface for your oil and gas brand to yield improved profits and streamline business management.


Our telecommunication solutions are extensive with the best solutions developed at each user end.


Integrate e-documentation, digital signatures and verification, customer database and query management and much more for your insurance business.


Revolutionize your EdTech venture with premium user interface elements, robust API integrations and AI-powered chatbots for students.

Clients Testimonials

Matt Lee

VP of Product

Anviam Solutions sense of ownership, exceptional collaboration, high-quality deliverables, and tight turnarounds make them a trusted partner for high-stakes projects.high-stakes projects.

Daniel Piehler

Co-founder & CPO

Anviam is able to take an idea from concept to development. They were always ready to teach me new methods and were willing to try new approaches, workshops, and exercises. I was definitely impressed by the intellectual rigor that goes behind their mindset and organization of the workflow.

Lauren Liscinski

Mobile Product Manager

Working with Anviam has been extremely helpful to our team as they have provided valuable insight into architecture and direction for our product. They are easy to work with, very collaborative, and successful at finding solutions that fit our needs.

Phil Meachin

VP of Program Management, Dividend Finance

Anviam has built a system that's allowed us to scale to hundreds of millions of dollars of loans per year, with tens of thousands of reps. Without them we wouldn't have been able to develop that core product nearly as quickly as we have.

Matt Conger

CEO at Cadence (500 Startups)

In just two weeks, Anviam Solutions created an elegantly streamlined version of our previous gig management platform, built on top of our Salesforce data. The result became an instant hit with our network of linguists, while dramatically reducing the time we spend on ongoing maintenance.

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

The process of designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining software with specific functionalities or duties for a niche user base is known as custom software development.

Custom software development is crucial because it helps businesses meet specific needs while staying within their budgets by creating comprehensive software that is adaptable, profitable, and simple to integrate.

The following are clear advantages of developing custom software:
  • Simplified and improved business processes
  • Increased level of team collaboration
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Dependable, distinctive, compatible, and flexible
  • Cost-effective and very secure

Organizations must pick customized software development services to readily adapt to the changing needs of the business with the aid of scalable and flexible processes and technologies. It facilitates the company to progress with the least amount of obstruction.

The cost of developing custom software varies depending on several variables, including the size, scope, and kind of project.

Depending on the software's complexity and your project, the length of a bespoke software development project might range from three to nine months or more. Depending on your project's complexity, each stage of the software development process takes varying time.