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Web Development

In Anviam, we ensure that when a Web application is built,it is made to perfection.Now, if the building blocks were Web applications, Anviam would have rendered skyscrapers. That is also a benchmark that we strive to set for projects, be it any kind of creation of applications.

Technically, if we define Web application development, then it simply a process of developing software that can run on a Web device. It generally involves creating User Interface, Optimizing User Interaction, making the front for web based application software and implementation of back-end services such as data access with an API. Also, testing the application on target resolutions. This was a very brief definition of the development for any Web application.

Since there are three major development approaches when building Web applications so far,i.e:

  • Front end development— one that is used to develop the website and the visuals using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Back end development— one who is used to develop the actions on a website or web apps using programming languages like Ruby, Python, Php etc.
  • Full stack development— one is used to develop all layers of the software
Web Application Development

We at Anviam, we offer to introduce an evolution in the digital world. This simply means that we have a strong hand in creating all kinds of apps, regardless of smartphone or network.

Custom Web Development

Java app/web Development

Ruby on Rails

MEAN Stack

Angular js Development

Node js/MongoDB Development


Open source development

Internet Of Things (IOT)

SAAS applications