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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is about essentially and only about relationships. By that, we mean what we've found by the business experts that it costs businesses a lot of money to attract new customers. But, to retain a customer, costs a lot less.

This was an interesting revolution and a place where Anviam had to join. We’ve been allowing our clients the opportunity to retain and maintain healthy relationships with their customers. This is done with custom-made relationship management software that strikes the business type of the client.

We go ahead with a simple concept at Anviam. This is a simple way to think, and something that works for maintaining customer relationships. We know that businesses are about people. A business works with relationships built with people and their interaction and investment in the business. But, at the same time, it is also about the relationship of people with other people. So, the interaction of customers amongst themselves is as important. If we can get a clear picture of related relationships, and target our customers based on the same(methods, scenarios, case studies), instead of managing a single customer at a time, we can manage certain groups of individuals, that may or may not be related, but are related to each other using some criteria, and respond to similar market stimulus.

Relationship Management Software Development

Anviam has a crisp understanding of how important it is to communicate with customers. We’ve successfully made and delivered working software that provides our clients with the tools for customer relationship management.

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